Why Kids Life Coaching?

My name is Ikedah Alston and I am a kids and teens life coach. The core philosophy of what I do is this:

“Be who you needed when you were younger.”

As a child, I had issues with low self-esteem, low self-worth, and lack of confidence. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the help I needed until I was a young adult. I eventually learned that I had the power within me to break the cycle of abuse and to be who I was meant to be. It was then that I discovered my passion. I want to ensure all kids have the foundation for growth early on in life so they can start on the right track to being their best selves.

My goal is to make a difference in the lives of our youth. I want them to feel heard, to be seen, and to know they are significant. Also, they should know that they are valuable and have something to contribute. I want my clients to know that no matter what their background is, they can succeed!

The System I use is called the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids and it uses the skill books from the Adventures in Wisdom™ Life Coaching Program for Kids Curriculum to help children achieve 6 areas of transformation in their lives. I am also an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner as well.

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